Super Slow Motion Video of Popcorn Popping is Oddly Hypnotic

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While there are quite a few slow motion videos on YouTube, including several that depict a kernel of popcorn popping, this is one of the slowest and most strangely elegant versions on the internet. According to Warped Perception which uploaded the clip, the video was shot in “30,000 frames per second filmed in Ultra Slow Motion Macro with the Phantom v2512 Ultra High Speed Camera.”

Paired with a beautifully intense soundtrack, the popcorn still pops very quickly considering how slowed down the process is. The fluffy popcorn shimmers in the lighting, adding dimension to the hypnotic video that might make you curious to see what else this YouTube channel has to offer.

Warped Perception describes their uploads as “Too Fast To See – Too Cool Not To.” They aim to morph the viewer’s “perception of things you see everyday and some things you don’t, through the use of amazing technology to show you a world that’s too quick to see with the naked eye.”

If the powerful music and mesmerizing quality of the popping kernel intrigued you, the gorgeous “Tuning Fork in Water” might become your new favorite. The small flying water droplets dance along perfectly to a piece by Jason Donnelly.