Texas High School Player Makes Superhero-Level Leap in Volleyball Game

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Tony Maples Photography


“Autumn is not even human I swear,” @mallorydowne posted on Twitter last week along with a video of her friend making a fearless dive to the ground to hit a volleyball during a high school game. Even though her video was taken from far away in the stands, the tweet went viral with people wondering how someone could manage to make such a game stopping move look so easy.

Now, more video taken at different angles has come out including slo-mo and a look from behind the action that shows how effortlessly Autumn gets up after pulling a superhero move that left everyone’s mouth dropped wide open in shock.

According to KSAT, Autumn Finney is the senior captain of Decatur High School’s volleyball team, and during this game, they were playing against Krum High School. Both schools are located north of Fort Worth, Texas.

Texas and national outlets are showing off Autumn’s moves. “The play was picked up by several national sports websites including USA Today High School Sports, Sports Illustrate, and Deadspin, which called the play ‘superhuman,'” KSAT writes.

And in case you were wondering, Decatur did win the point as the crowd went absolutely crazy with excitement!