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Superheros Surprised Kids at MD Anderson By Repelling Off the Roof

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Spending any length of time in the hospital is difficult for a multitude of reasons, but the longing to be home and healthy only increases around the holidays. For the kids (and adults) fighting cancer at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Wednesday brought about a huge surprise to take their minds off of their illnesses. ABC 13 writes that Santa, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superwoman, The Flash and Iron Man came to MD Anderson to hand out gifts and visit children on December 20. While some superheroes (and Santa, perhaps a superhero in his own right) roamed the halls, Batman, Spiderman, and Iron Man repelled off of the roof to surprise kids through their windows!

KHOU 11 News posted a 20-minute video of the event while it was taking place on Facebook. Crews and the superheroes themselves (actually window washers who are used to the jaw-dropping feat of repelling off a tall building) prepared trusty equipment to ensure their safety. They had to make their way down over the three lines of massive lettering that read “The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center” at the top of the building to reach the kids. The men looked tiny up against the building, but their impact was huge as they brought excitement to those staying in the hospital.