Supernatural Spinster Sisters Still Reside at Berclair Mansion?

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If your interests lean more towards the eerie, spooky, and surreal in comparison to sunny, cheery, and safe, then take a look at the Berclair Mansion in Berclair, Texas. The saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” comes to mind as outwardly, it doesn’t look like a haunted house…but then do they ever? It’s not like you’re going to pull up and see the Mystery Machine parked out front or signs like in the “Wizard of Oz,” saying, “I’d turn back if I were you.”

Etta Terrell and Her Four Spinster Sisters

Supernatural Spinster Sisters Still Reside at Berclair Mansion?

Photo: Facebook/Berclair Mansion

On the contrary, the Berclair Mansion is a beautiful 10,000-square-foot home, built in 1936, including 22 rooms, a well-manicured lawn, and a prim fountain in the front. After inheriting her family’s fortune, Etta Terrell had the mansion constructed in the small community, located midway between Goliad and Beeville, and this is where she passed away (in the house) in 1956. Her earlier home having been destroyed by fire, Etta had the mansion built primarily out of steel and concrete in efforts to fireproof it. At the time it was built, it was considered the largest steel structure, single-family home in America. Etta, together with her four spinster sisters, lived in the Berclair Mansion until the death of the very last one in 1968. The home’s furnishings and antiques (some dating back to the 1700s), are relatively untouched and remain the way the sisters left them, and in 1999, the heirs in the family donated the house as a museum to the Beeville Art Association.

Tours Are Available…If You Dare

Supernatural Spinster Sisters Still Reside at Berclair Mansion?

Photo: Pinterest/Barbara Higgins

According to reports, this was around the time when eerie sightings started happening. The Art Association hired maintenance workers to keep up the property. Several reported seeing elderly women in the windows, waving to them. Volunteers for the museum say they’ve heard voices as well as doors closing in the otherwise empty house, for no apparent reason. And the Corpus Christi Spook Central’s supernatural investigation team has reportedly recorded at least 10 unexplained voices occurring in the mansion over the period of one night. The Berclair Mansion is open for tours, on the last Sunday of each month, with the only exceptions being the last two Sundays in November and the entire month of December. For hours and tour information you can visit their Facebook page, or call (361) 362-5823 for details.


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