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Supporting Your Local Farmers Market

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With rumors amid the White House in recent weeks on a possible 20% tax on imports from Mexico that President Trump is considering as an option to help pay for a southern border in Mexico, many took to social media expressing their concerns.

Concerns that such a tax would drive the cost of U.S. goods produced there to go through the roof! A tax on such goods as fruits and vegetables we all enjoy on a daily basis. What better time than to consider an option on our end for purchasing those wholesome foods than supporting our local farmers markets.


Photo: The RIM Farmers Market

“Know your Farmer, Know your Food,” a great statement on the Hill Country Farmers Market (HCFMA) web page to follow.

Yes, we love our avocados, tomatoes, corn, and squash among others that come from Mexico, but who can argue that local tastes better? Better because you are not only getting those produced right here in the great state of Texas but you are supporting and giving back to the communities and farmers that work tirelessly to provide those fresh products.

The Hill Country Farmers Market holds three farmers markets in the Northwest San Antonio area. Don’t worry if you’re not in the area, there are plenty of farmers markets across the state to get those fresh greens you want. Texas Local Produce is a great website to visit to find one near you. “We are a group of individuals who are dedicated to providing customers with fresh, locally grown and locally made foods,” states HCFMA’s website. The same can be said for farmers markets across the state.


Photo: The RIM Farmers Market

As shared by HCFMA’s website, the Hill Country Farmers Market is a group of farmers and artisanal food makers who sell their goods at three area farmers markets located at St. Andrews, Deerfield, and The RIM Shopping Center.

With the markets opened year-round, you are sure to find fresh produce. Among the goods, you can look forward to finding seasonal produce and fruits, grass-fed meats, farm fresh eggs, pastured chickens, fresh selection of cheeses, seafood, locally grown pecans, plants, and herbs.

But it doesn’t stop there. At many markets, you can also find bath and skin care products, fresh bread and jams, and even pottery. The selection is endless and worth a trip to see all the goods you will come across.


Photo: The RIM Farmers Market

Hours of operation vary by each market so be sure to sign up your email to get up-to-date information on your favorite market if they have sign up sheets or follow them on social media if they offer a Facebook page with updates on their particular location.

Vendors who participate in HCFMA’s farmers markets are committed to providing you with the finest ingredients. The goal of many vendors is to bring you excellent products at an affordable price. Some of the vendors you will find among HCFMA’s farmers markets include Brenham Kitchens, Cherries Rockin’ Jelly, Engel Farms, Gourmet Texas Pasta, Indy Coffee, Mike’s Seafood, and Mudfire Pottery just to name a few.

So make weekends even more fun by adding a trip to your local farmers market and start new traditions with your family by supporting local home-grown products made in our great state of Texas!