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Missing Woman Survives Weeks After Getting Lost in the Woods

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The New York Post reports that a 25-year-old Alabama woman named Lisa Theris ran into the woods near a hunting lodge after the two men she was with said they were going to rob a campsite. She quickly lost her way and got lost deeper and deeper into the woods. She had to start foraging for berries and drinking water from creeks to stay alive while continuing to stay on the move.

Despite rescue efforts, it wasn’t until nearly a month later that she was found by a passerby on Highway 82. Disoriented, covered in insect bites, and 50 pounds lighter, Theris was taken to the hospital where she was reunited with her family.  “Her will to live was strong,” Sgt. Chad Faulkner said. “When you have a will to live and survive, it’s a miracle.”

Now, conflicting stories are being released, saying that Theris could have been high on meth when she became lost. The Sacramento Bee quotes Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers as saying he thinks that the two men and Theres gave conflicting stories because they were all under the influence. Regardless of speculation, Theris’s journey through the woods is a miraculous one made worse by disorientation from hunger and dehydration. It was completely against the odds that she was found alive after so long.