Sweet Rolls Make You Want to Make Time for Breakfast

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Breakfasts aren’t always easy to fit into our daily schedules, although they’re considered the most important meal of the day. As such, they should be filled with the type of foods that make us want to make time. Here in Texas, we’re known for working hard all day long, no matter the type of job we hold. That being said, it’s considerably fitting for each of us to have a breakfast that consists of eggs, bacon, maybe some hash browns, perhaps a coffee, and of course, Sweet Rolls. These bad boys are all about homemade goodness. You can make them ahead and reheat them for a great part of a filling breakfast, and it won’t take any more added time out of your day than you thought!

Shared by The Texas Chef, this recipe for Sweet Rolls falls under the breakfast food category. It’s the type of bread your grandma might have made on a Sunday afternoon to feed the family the rest of the week. It may even have been something your neighbors baked and shared with your family. As far back as we can remember, a type of yeast bread with breakfast has been one of the most delicious parts of it, and this recipe is no exception. Made with one package of active dry yeast, these Sweet Rolls will likely take the better part of one of your afternoons or evenings to make, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. Made with love and glazed after that, there’s no doubt your family will gobble them up, given the opportunity!

Sweet Rolls

Sweet Rolls Make You Want to Make Time for Breakfast


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


One Egg




Active Dry Yeast


Brown Sugar



The Texas Chef shares the full ingredient list, measurements, and step-by-step instructions for this recipe for Sweet Rolls at the link provided here. It calls for time to let the dough rise until it has doubled in size, a time which isn’t measured in the instructions, but that you’ll need to roughly anticipate in order to properly complete the process. It also allows for a 20-minutes rest for the rolls once you’ve cut them and placed them on the baking sheet. The baking time is also another 20-25 minutes. So, in short, set aside a full afternoon or evening to ensure everything goes off without a hitch!