Taco Bell Voted Best Mexican Restaurant in America: Can You Believe it?

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Earlier this year, we published a story showcasing the efforts Taco Bell was making toward becoming a more health-conscious fast-food option. Well, it seems that the headlines just keep coming for the brand inviting you to Live Mas! A nationwide study completed by Harris Poll recently identified Taco Bell as America’s best Mexican restaurant. If you’re from Texas, you’ll probably want to pick your jaw up off the floor right about now.

That’s right. Over 77K U.S. citizens identified that Taco Bell was, in fact, their number one choice for the best Mexican restaurant in America. The full results of the poll can be found here. Having beat out the type of places that you and I would normally only drool about, it begs the question: Are there closeted Taco Bell lovers in Texas, or did residents of the Lone Star State even vote in this poll? After all, this is the first time in three decades that this fast-food chain earned “Brand of the Year” in the EquiTrend Study.

Hold Onto Your Hats: Taco Bell Voted 2018 Best Mexican Restaurant in America

Photo: Facebook/Taco Bell

With questions based on quality, familiarity, and future consideration, the Harris Poll study identified Taco Bell as the clear frontrunner. Its competition was Moe’s Southwest Grill (which held the title for the last two years), as well as Chipotle (the winner of 2016, which recently lost favor resulting from a series of illnesses). Other parties in the mix consisted of Del Taco, Qdoba, and Baja Fresh. Despite the fact that the popular chain was recognized as the fourth largest fast-food brand in America, it’s anticipated that a social media backlash regarding Taco Bell’s selection is pending. Authenticity aside (and, here in Texas, we’re loaded with it!) this brand has outshone its competition with visibility and familiarity, as well as interesting menu additions of late. And, (tell the truth now) who hasn’t slipped into their local drive-thru to scoop a taco, burrito, or quesadilla on a late-night feeding frenzy when only Taco Bell would do?