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A Taco Tour of Dallas Produces Some Interesting Results

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With 712 places to get a great taco, Dallas, Texas is a foodie’s fantasy in the making. This is why Let’s Roam with Courtney Scott went on a “Quest for the Best Taco,” in a small taco tour they filmed in the Big D. Featured on the Travelocity YouTube channel, the video caption tackles the tough question: “One of the most delicious ways to explore Dallas, Texas is through food!  Roam with Courtney Scott on her quest for the best taco in Dallas, with stops at three local favorites:  Fuel City Tacos, Good 2 Go Taco and Mia’s Tex-Mex Restaurant!  What’s your favorite taqueria in the world?” Well, do you have one?

Texas is famed for its fantastic food. And, not just tacos. If the truth were told, you could make a thousand trips to great food joints throughout the Lone Star State, and still find a thousand more you’ll want to try. The menu items and the food are only complemented by the great service and the creativity with which Texans plate their dishes. See what Scott found in her taco tour through Dallas below.

Since the creation of the video, one of these restaurants has had to close its doors. Good 2 Go Taco, located in east Dallas, was an institution of sorts. Due to a tough 2016, it closed up shop in January of the following year, announcing to its adoring fans that it was serving its last taco in the first week of the month. Does that minimize its contribution to the taco world? Not in the least. Social media posts and coverage of the famed Texas taqueria that had to call it quits can still be found today. It’s a testament to the tough times that food places face, but customers still retain delightful memories of their sensational menus. In the video above (a mere three-minute piece), Scott focuses on what she feels are the best components of each venue’s menu – which had to be hard, considering. We won’t spoil her final decision on where the best taco was found, or what type it was (the permutations and combinations are utterly endless), but we will say that a taco tour of any part of Texas is a great way to see the state and sample some of the best it has to offer!