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Take a Trip to Guadalupe River State Park

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It’s just a short drive from both San Antonio and Austin, but we’ve found that a lot of folks forget the peace and serenity of the four miles in river frontage that Guadalupe River State Park has to offer.

The state of Texas acquired the property from private owners back in 1974, and since its opening in 1983, it’s been host to Hill Country families ever since.  This time of year it’s nearly bonkers to try and take a swim, but you might be comforted to know there’s still plenty of recreational possibility that Texas Parks & Wildlife Department ensures on a daily basis.

They play host to “Stories in the Stars” this time of year for all you amateur astronomers, but also host guided tours of Honey Creek State Natural Area in order to teach park patrons the wonders behind its unique flora and fauna.

A day trip to Boerne or New Braunfels is never a bad idea either, as both offer a host of opportunities to get to know the area’s historic German heritage.

You might even catch sight of the endangered golden-cheeked warbler, as which nest in and fly around the park’s virgin Ashe juniper woodlands.

There are also 13 some-odd miles of hike & bike trails, allowing you an escape into the woods, where the scents of evergreen foliage and sights of oaks, willows and hackberry trees are enough to make an arborist out of all of us.

And don’t forget, too, that at the right time of year — the wondrous river itself beckons to be swam around.