Take a Break with this Livestream of Kittens

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Maybe you’ve had a stressful week, maybe you need to take a break to clear your mind or maybe you just really like kittens. No matter the reasoning, the outcome is the same – the livestream from Kitten Academy will sooth you and make the time fly by.

Kitten Academy streams 24/7 from Illinois to show viewers their foster kittens who will grow up and be adopted out through On Angels Wings. They do not get paid for their livestream, which began on April 20th of this year.

If you visit their YouTube page, you can read more about each kitty and their human caretakers. The mama cat is named Ivy, some of the kittens are named after spices like Nutmeg and Clove, while others are named after sweets, like Toffee and Cobbler.

You can also see how many people are watching the feed at the same time you are. It’s a strange, yet nice, feeling to watch these kittens run around their kitten paradise along with hundreds of people all over the world!

Be sure to turn your sound on so you can hear their tiny meows. If all of the kitties are asleep, you can rewind the feed a few hours to find an active playtime.