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‘Take Me Fishing Day’ in West Texas Gives Kids the Opportunity to Learn How to Fish

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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department posts all kinds of information about learning how to successfully and lawfully fish on their website, including articles on how to assemble the best gear for a beginner and how to clean and store a fish once it’s caught. Another aspect of fishing that TPWD takes to heart is teaching children how to fish. Years ago, they uploaded a 3-minute video teaching family members how to create a fun and safe fishing day for kids.

In the video, TPWD explains that state parks are a wonderful place to learn how to fish since you don’t need a fishing license to fish at a state park, and even in urban areas, many of the fishing holes will be stocked with fish to catch.

Photo: Facebook/Marisa Hinojosa Garcia

Now, CBS 7 reports that the perfect time to take kids to fish out in West Texas will occur on February 3rd from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Comanche Trail Pond when the Odessa Parks and Recreation Department holds their “‘Take Me Fishing’ day for kids up to 17 years of age to learn the art of angling.” That day, the pond will be full of rainbow trout.

Even though TPWD wants kids to be excited about fishing days, they also know that they can easily grow tired of the sport that requires quite a bit of patience. They recommend to take breaks and explore one’s surroundings to keep things interesting.