Take a Whirlwind Trip Across the World Without Ever Leaving Texas

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Ever wanted to visit Paris, London, or Italy? Well, here’s your chance to a take a trip across the world as you visit these unique cities located right here in our great state of Texas.

Below are five towns which will add a whimsical twist to your bucket list of adventures this spring. Experience the wonder of visiting these Lone Star treasures. Who needs to get on a plane and fly away to Europe, when Europe is right in our own backyard? Okay, not really, but having these Texas towns one picturesque road trip away is not too shabby.

1. Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas

Photo: By Jeanne Boleyn, via Wikimedia Commons

Often referred to as the “second biggest Paris in the world,” this quaint little town in Lamar County is located in northeast Texas, along the western edge of the Piney Woods and northeast of the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex.

Paris may have the Eiffel Tower, but Paris, Texas boast a 65-foot replica, situated at the site of the Love Civic Center, with a giant red cowboy hat crowning its tip. In addition to its historic downtown, Paris has many beautiful 19th-century to mid-20th-century houses. A noteworthy, annual event to catch is the “Hamfest,” which draws ham radio operators to Paris in droves the second Saturday of each October.

2. Italy, Texas

Photo: By Renelibrary, via Wikimedia Commons

Touted as “The Biggest Little Town in Texas,” Italy is located in Ellis County, 15 miles south of Waxahachie and 20 miles north of Hillsboro.

Settlers founded Italy, Texas, in 1879, and began farming the fertile soil surrounding the community. Their crops included cotton, sweet potatoes, wheat, and corn. When the railroad came to town in 1890, Italy became a market center, and its population grew until the Great Depression. Italy claims Dale Evans, wife of beloved singing cowboy Roy Rogers, among its notable former residents.

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