Taking in a Concert or Two May Just Help You Live Longer

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Concert revelers unite. A new study shared by MSN Lifestyle states that going to concerts may just help you live longer! “According to a recent study conducted by UK music and entertainment venue O2 and Goldsmith’s University associate lecturer Patrick Fagan, attending shows regularly can boost your life expectancy by a staggering nine years.”

Who would have thought jamming out to your favorite band and going to concerts regularly could be another way to add to a healthier lifestyle? Just 20 minutes of live music enjoyment can bring on “feelings of well-being” by 21 percent – over double the effects of yoga.

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The study compared the results of heart rate tests among concert-goers, dog walkers, and yoga-practitioners. “Feelings of wellbeing” were measured by happiness markers, including feelings of self-worth (up 25 percent), closeness to others (up 25 percent), and mental stimulation (75 percent). Looks like concert-going by far reeved up the heart rate the most, making it more beneficial to your well-being.

The key is to enjoy those bands you love, but in person through a live concert, jamming out with friends and family and others who share your passion, since that is what seems to be the ticket to longer life.

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So besides eating a well-balanced diet and exercising, you also need to work out those brain waves by putting on your dancing shoes and rocking to the beat of your favorite music. Who would have thought, back when we were kid begging our parents for concert tickets, all that live music would end up being an asset to our health?

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