This Tarantula Doesn’t Fare Well Against a Tarantula Hawk Wasp

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In a rare twist, this is one crazy video that will make you feel bad for the tarantula at the pinchers of a tarantula hawk wasp.

I’m sure there isn’t a single one of us out there that would like to run across either of these critters, be it the hairy tarantula or the scary tarantula hawk wasp. However, this man ran across this battle to the death in action and decided to take an up close video.

As the video description points out, the tarantula has already been stung by the wasp and is paralyzed. The tarantula hawk wasp then proceeds to try and drag this poor guy back its nest where it will lay a larva that will eat the tarantula. The furry guy isn’t even being eaten by the one that killed him, but will instead be a fresh meal for the baby hawk wasp.

Mother Nature is cruel, sometimes, that’s for sure.