Target to Cool-It With Christmas and Let Thanksgiving Shine

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When you’re trying to buy Halloween candy, you don’t want to see a bunch of Christmas decorations taking over part of the store. KHOU explains that Target is taking notice that customers are tired of the “Christmas creep” and how the holiday seems to take over earlier each year. Now, Target wants to make sure to give Thanksgiving its due by keeping Thanksgiving signs up until the holiday, and marketing meal prep and guest entertainment items that pertain to November 23.

Rick Gomez, Target’s chief marketing officer, said, “They want us to pause, and be really intentional and recognize Thanksgiving. What they don’t want us to do is go right into Christmas. So, we are going to respect that.”

But NBC News says this won’t be a radical change, so those who want Christmas to come early shouldn’t fret. Mostly, Target will focus on Thanksgiving at the front of their stores, and they’ll still have Christmas items awaiting customers throughout November.

Also, KHOU writes that Target stores will add more weekend sales, and work on introducing “…a new e-gift service, adding kiosks that focus on impulse presents mainly under $15, and launching a wallet feature to its app…” to woo customers.