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Tarleton State Spring Break Program Will See Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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In the summer of 2017, Hurricane Harvey set its sights on the Texas coast, bearing down on it with a force that destroyed entire communities. Wild winds, raging rain, and record-high flood waters resulting in many homes being demolished. It went on record as being the costliest storm in American history.

Fast forward six months, and many who were dealing with almost complete devastation then are still working on picking up the pieces. Businesses and schools had been shut down, and some didn’t bounce back. Farms were badly damaged, and some were destroyed, and some of their livestock had been lost to the flood waters. Many of them have faced crippling financial problems since then. And, although federal and state officials scrambled to pool and coordinate resources, roads and highways were cleared, utilities restored, and storm victims were temporarily housed, there’s still considerable work yet to be done before a semblance of normality can be reached in the area.

Tarleton State Spring Break Program Will See Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Photo: Facebook/Manon Mathews

Volunteers from other states as well as cities throughout Texas continue to provide their money and time to assist those that remain in need, including the rural communities of Port Aransas and Rockport. And, as winter slowly dissipates, news of added and unexpected assistance begins to filter into the region. The Community Service Programs Coordinator for Campus Life at Tarleton State University in Stephenville is working to organize a new outreach program which will be designed to provide students on spring break an alternative to the standard spring break excursions. Erin Warner has compiled a program that will see Tarleton State University students visit parts of the Texas coast which were heavily ravaged by Hurricane Harvey to assist with the rebuilding and cleanup efforts, marking the fifth year in a row that the Campus Life program has organized such an alternative.

Tarleton State Spring Break Program Will See Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Photo: Facebook/Tarleton State University

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