A Taste of Summer Texas Hill Country Wine

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During a break up, a promotion, a bridal shower, or a night on the couch watching movies, wine is there for you. No matter what the circumstance, wine understands. If the long, damp winter is a circumstance you’re looking forward to getting through, while you’re changing the seasonal clothes out of your closet to get the most out of the upcoming hot, humid weather, lighten up on your colors, your food fare, and now your summer Texas Hill Country wine!

Lighter Food Means Lighter Wine Fare


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Considering the vast array of food pairings that exist season to season in the Texas Hill Country, it makes considerable sense to pair Texas Hill Country wines with the very same. Subconsciously, like switching from hearty casseroles to salads and fruits, we tend to transition to lighter selections of wines in warmer months, going from full-bodied to lighter tastes. Similarly, we tend to leave behind the buttery, oaky Chardonnays in favor of more fruit-focused and the Cabernet Sauvignons for the Pinot Noirs.

Warmer Weather and Grape Varietals


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Warmer weather also provides the opportunity to taste wines made from different grape varietals. Grapes that are found to grow considerably well in the Texas Hill Country terroir (the second most visited wine region in the country.) are varietals grown on the same latitude in other parts of the world (i.e. southern France) and are producing wines that are earning vast amounts of Gold and Double Gold medals in their showings each year.

Crisp Paired With Cool Summer Sensations


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For a lighter selection still, and a great sipping wine with cheese, olives and various crudités, consider a dry, crisp rosé, slightly chilled. With the exception of Pinot Noir, the majority of summer sipping wines should be served chilled, which makes for a pleasing cooling sensation together with a wonderful summery taste.

A Sizzling Summer Wine Tasting Adventure!


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With more and more Texas Hill Country wines becoming readily available at grocery stores such as Kroger and HEB, it’s now easier than ever to pick up one of your favorites on your way home from a long day at the office, or on your weekend grocery trip. Try sampling some with your significant other after a barbecued salmon steak dinner, or for a more decadent treat, with friends over a bowl of Blue Bell Natural Vanilla Bean ice cream and fresh peaches! Happy summer Texas Hill Country wine tasting adventures!