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Taxpayers Pay the Price After Radio Tower Built in Wrong Spot

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The City of Rowlett, Texas will pay $478,000 for one big mistake. A recently erected radio tower was accidentally constructed on private property, and residents are left wondering – how did this happen?

CBS DFW writes that Rowlett was in need of a police and fire radio tower, so they began construction in February on what they thought was land that the city owned. Apparently, the city owned the land nearby the tower, but the actual location of the structure was on private property. The construction company says they put the tower exactly where they were asked to, so everyone else involved are left scratching their heads. The news writes, “Now the city is looking to hire an independent investigator to figure out just how such a towering and costly mistake happened.”

WFAA explains that the mistake was brought to the city’s attention in March, but they continued building the tower in the incorrect location so it would be finished on time. Evidently, the city would have had to pay a $400K late fee to join the “multi-jurisdictional police communications system by a contracted timeline” in addition to paying to move the tower, which they say would have cost about the same as purchasing the private land. Needless to say, taxpayers aren’t impressed by the “savings.”