Teaching in Texas – Pass or Fail?

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Happy International World Teacher Day to all you teachers out there. Graduating teachers do not hurl their caps into the air cheering, “I’m going to be RICH.” Instead, their mantra is “I am going to make a difference.” And they do. They change lives. Why else would someone CHOOSE to join a profession that is not only the lowest paying but also fails to keep up with current rates of inflation?

WalletHub recently conducted a study of the best and worst states for teachers. So how do teachers fare in Texas? Let’s take a look.

The Big Picture

woman-notebook-working-girlPhoto: Pexels

Texas scored 8th overall. Not too shabby. New Jersey scored 1st place and we are sandwiched in between New York and Utah.


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Texas comes in 3rd place in average starting salary for teachers. Good news for all the soon-to-be teachers!

School System

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Texas ranked 25th against the other states and District of Columbia in school systems. A student’s academic success is paramount. Student’s and parents have a right to a quality education. Funding helps but doesn’t always guarantee academic success. Our ranking includes the following metrics: student-teacher ratio, average SAT and ACT scores and dropout rate.

Job Opportunities

1024px-pam_robertson_grade_12a_teacher_at_sinenjongo_high_school_joe_slovo_park_cape_town_south_africa-3320Photo: Wikimedia

Texas ranks numero uno in job opportunities. Another win for all those guys and gals studying to be teachers.

Given all the data gleaned from this study, Texas teachers should be pleased.