New AI Technology Guesses What You’re Drawing While You’re Creating It

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If you need a quick, cute graphic drawing, but don’t want to search for one or download an app, AutoDraw provides a fun, fast alternative. It’s also just a neat artificial intelligence experiment to watch unfold. Tech Crunch explains that AutoDraw is one of Google’s newest inventions. Released on April 11th, this website can guess what someone is drawing from simple shapes they create with their mouse or trackpad. No art skills are necessary.

Not to be confused with Google’s Quick, Draw! game where AI must guess a person’s drawing in under 20 seconds, AutoDraw is more relaxed and meant to provide people with creations that improve on their own renderings. As Tech Crunch explains, the site, “uses machine learning algorithms to match your doodles with professional drawings to make you look like you know what you’re doing.”

A video from Google Developers explains that one can access the AutoDraw website from their phone or laptop to start drawing. Watch the clip below to see how quickly the program picks up on even the crudest of sketches, and check out AutoDraw yourself to see how quickly the technology can read your doodle…or your mind.