If You Only Hear This Once: Great TED Talks for Texas Millennials

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First off, what is a TED Talk? TED is a non-profit dedicated to spreading concepts through the sharing of inspiring and insightful speeches by some of the world’s greatest minds. Why, as a Texas Millennial, should you watch a TED Talk? Well, they’re amazing, but specifically, if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to make the most of your twenties, and help you contribute not only to your own life and well-being but to those around you (ahem…your town/city, your county, the great state of Texas)! TED Talks are the ultimate go-to for that shot in the arm you may be looking for. All of the talks (videos) are 18 minutes or less, which you can easily be listened to while you’re getting ready for class, work, or pretty much anything! It’s a great way to start the day!

The Difference Between Winning & Succeeding, By Coach John Wooden

If You Only Hear This Once: Great TED Talks for Texas Millenials

Photo: Facebook/Ray Davis of the Affirmation Spot

This TED Talk is for the Texas Millennial that’s all about success. It helps you focus on it, yet in a whole new light, regardless of how you define it. If success is your goal, Coach John Wooden’s talk is done with profound simplicity. He redefines the term “success” and implores us all to pursue only the best in ourselves. He shares advice that he gave his players at UCLA in this talk, retells wisdom from his father, and also quotes poetry. It’s unexpected and prophetic.

How to Succeed? Get More Sleep, By Arianna Huffington

If You Only Hear This Once: Great TED Talks for Texas Millenials

Photo: Facebook/Arianna Huffington

This TED Talk focuses on habits and productivity, which are extremely important in one’s twenties. Like all things in Texas, go big! So start with Arianna Huffington, who shares her small idea that leads to bigger ones. She believes there’s nothing better than the impact of a good night’s sleep. Rather than focusing on sleep deficits, she asks that we close our eyes and see the big picture: sleeping our way to increased happiness and better follow-through on our goals and decision-making.

How to Get Your Ideas to Spread, By Seth Godin

If You Only Hear This Once: Great TED Talks for Texas Millenials

Photo: Facebook/VYAP ES

This TED Talk assists mainly with career and business, but can ultimately be employed in many situations, whether it’s life in Texas or life abroad. Seth Godin is a marketing guru who speaks to too many options and too little time, resulting in ignoring the ordinary, and bad or bizarre ideas becoming more successful. It’s an interesting concept and really makes you think.