Teen Earns $5,000 From Making and Selling Her Own Slime

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Kids in the ’90s had a fascination with slime thanks to game shows on Nickelodeon dumping the green gunk onto contestants at any opportunity. The love for slime recently made a big comeback with young people learning to make the sticky substance, filming videos of the goo, and selling their own creations online.

YouTube Channel 60 Second Docs highlighted the phenomenon in their profile of teen Kaitlinh Nguyen, a 13-year-old Virginia girl who has made over $5,000 selling her slime online (and from her locker) for $6 – $12 a container. She’s known as a “slimer” in the slime community who now has over 355,000 followers on Instagram. (At the time of filming the 60 Second Docs video she had 180,000, but her followers have greatly increased.)

After hand-mixing the ingredients to make slime, Nguyen films short videos to post on social media of her folding and poking the slime. These videos are viewed by thousands of teens who see the simplicity of moving slime as a soothing and artistic act. It’s calming to focus on the texture, colors, and sounds of the slime while slimers like Nguyen show off the unique ingredients they put inside the goo like glitter, dyes and small foam balls.

Get a brief introduction to this surprisingly lucrative hobby in the video below.