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Teen Girl Dies After El Paso Carnival Ride Malfunctions

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At an El Paso church function this weekend, joy turned to tragedy when one teenage girl was thrown from a carnival ride, killing her upon impact.

At a church function, a carnival set up shop with a bunch of rides. The Sizzler, a whirling ride that spins people in their seats around a pole malfunctioned on Friday night when a girl, Samantha Aguilar, and her friend were thrown from the ride.

A high school junior in the “top 10 percent in her class”, as ABC News reported, Aguilar died at Del Sol Medical Center after hitting a metal barrier upon being ejected from the ride. She was a member of the track team, and today, the entirety of Hanks High School is mourning their loss.

The ride itself is owned by Playtime Amusements Inc. based out of Las Cruces, New Mexico and is currently under investigation, as CBS 7 reported. The news station tried to contact them for questioning, but “a call to the company was abruptly disconnected and attempts at communicating to them through email have not yet been returned.”