North Texas Teen Does Push Ups Instead of Getting Arrested

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Police officer Eric Ball caught a whiff of marijuana coming from a teen standing outside of a movie theater last week. Ball decided to give the young man a choice – receive a citation or drop down and give him 200 push-ups.

There was no argument from the teen who took on the push-ups instead of dealing with legal matters. Even though it was slightly humiliating, it was certainly preferable to a citation.

While the teen was on the ground, it became obvious that smoking wasn’t increasing his physical abilities. He struggled to make it through the numerous push-ups. While he may have wavered in form, he never resisted the alternative punishment, and the teen did what he could to show the officer that he appreciated the simple task instead of a harsher consequence.

As the teen was trudging through his punishment, a woman came up and filmed the incident and posted it to Facebook. She wanted people to see how rationally the officer was acting and how calmly the young man took his punishment.

KSAT says that Ball “found the boy’s mother inside the theater and the woman hugged and thanked the officer.”