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Teen Shows Off to Friends, Jumps Into Bass Pro Shop Fish Tank

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Hopefully, this trend will stop before it goes viral. Last week, a teen jumped into the big fish tank normally used as an educational tool in a Colorado Bass Pro Shop. According to the news, he hit his head, and he could have faced charges.

KSLA reports that a spokesperson said, “Our associates and security team quickly addressed the issue safely and without incident … Such occurrences are extremely rare and highly discouraged.”

When these incidents do occur, the tank has to be checked for any disruptions to its ecosystem. In the case of the teen who jumped in last weekend, The Denver Post said he could have “face charges if his actions damaged the tank or hurt the fish,” but luckily, the store says everything is fine.

Even though it might seem like it would be much of a big deal to take a dive into the murky water of a Bass Pro Shop tank, it creates quite the mess (can you imagine having to mop afterwards), and results from a quick YouTube search shows that the prank has been done several times before. Add in the fact that the teens and the fish could get seriously hurt, and it simply doesn’t seem worth the potential laugh.