Teen Sues Officer Over McKinney Pool Party Incident in 2015

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On June 5, 2015, video was taken of a teenager’s pool party. Officers broke up the well-attended party taking place at a communal neighborhood pool, and the ordeal got out of hand quickly. The whole street was out of control with kids fleeing the scene and officers running around wildly. One officer, in particular, elevated the situation. He cursed at the kids, waved his weapon around, and grabbed a 15-year-old girl in a bikini, threw her to the ground and sat on her while reprimanding her in front of the crowd. People looked on helplessly.

Now, Fox 4 reports that the teen, Dajerria Becton, is suing the officer for using excessive force and holding her without probable cause. WFAA writes, “She is seeking damages for mental anguish, loss of quality of life and attorney’s fees, plus interest. In addition, she’s requesting punitive damages, which are not monetary, but rather a penalty for the defendant.”

The McKinney Police Department plans to dispute the claims. They released a statement saying that they hold their officers to a high standard. Last year, the officer, Eric Casebolt, resigned after the incident and was cleared by a grand jury of any charges.