Tejas Satellite: The American Dream Made a Reality

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The heart of the American Dream is alive and well in Texas, where hard work, grit, and hospitality are keys to success. The Lone Star State is a place where you can work your way up from the bottom and become your own boss. This isn’t just a mythical idea, but a very real possibility, especially here in the Hill Country where business is booming and opportunities are aplenty. Jose Guzman is living proof of the American Dream realized. Guzman is the owner of Tejas Satellite, a Viasat dealer.

Having spent years working for a large satellite corporation and making only a fraction of the profits, Guzman began to recognize his own potential to take what he had learned and do it even better. In 2016, he branched out and started his own company, and Tejas Satellite was born.

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Guzman, who was born and raised in Texas, values his community and remains a resident of Austin. He prides himself and his company for their focus on customers and customer service. “We make an effort to make every customer feel like our only customer,” he said. Spoken like a true Texan. After all, Texans value customer service, hospitality, and small business.

The Hill Country has seen massive growth, not just in urban areas but also in more rural areas where there is less access to high-speed internet and cable. Satellite offers these rural homes and neighborhoods much-needed access to internet and cable, even when the infrastructure is not in place for in-ground cable and fiber.

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Photo: Facebook/ Tejas Satellite

Tejas Satellite is a family-owned and family-run business. Guzman’s wife is a key player alongside her husband. Tejas Satellite is happy to offer free estimates. You can find them on Facebook here, or you can reach Jose Guzman at [email protected] Call for an estimate at 512-300-1865.