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The Tejas Trails Capt’n Karl Trail Race Series-Ultra Marathon

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Up for a little endurance challenge? Tejas Trails/Traverse Running has something right up your alley. The Hill Country-based race directors have a series of ultramarathons that are run throughout the beautiful region. The only stipulation is that the races in this series are run at night. Think you’re tough? Then come get some.

The name of the series is The Capt’n Karl Trail series. Capt’n Karl was race director Brad Quinn’s father-in-law. The group of races features four events in four different locations, one during each month in the summer. For anyone brave enough to complete all four courses at the grueling 60k distance they will receive a coveted Capt’n Karl Series belt buckle and bragging rights to spare for several years

Race #1-Pedernales Falls State Park

The Tejas Trails Capt'n Karl Trail Race Series-Ultra Marathon

Photo: Flickr/Kurt Westerman

The first race in June takes place at Pedernales Falls State Park just a smidge outside of Johnson City. The course trail will take competitors over Twin Buttes, Butler Mountain, and Lone Mountain among other features. The 7 p.m. start time gives competitors just enough time to break a nice sweat before they see the sun set over one of their favorite vistas.

Race #2-Muleshoe Bend

The Tejas Trails Capt'n Karl Trail Race Series-Ultra Marathon

Photo: Flickr/Rockin’Rita

Race number two in July is at Muleshoe Bend LCRA Park in lovely Spicewood. This trail is right on the banks of the Lower Colorado River where it meets Lake Travis, and is arguably the most difficult of the series according to many past participants on account of the heat and humidity. The thick foliage on the course prevents airflow and the proximity to the bodies of water causes the humidity to rise. The race directors offer runners a special warning on this race—“Get ready to sweat.” The directors were also gracious by allowing the slowest checkpoint cutoff times of the series on this course.

Races #3 and #4-Colorado Bend and Reveille Peak Ranch

The Tejas Trails Capt'n Karl Trail Race Series-Ultra Marathon
Photo: Flickr/Chris K

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