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10 Awesome Ways to Celebrate Spring in the Texas Hill Country

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No better time exists for a journey into the Texas Hill Country than springtime. The landscape looks like an impressionist painting swimming in brushstrokes of color. Rivers and streams gurgle with renewed life after seasonal rains. The warm sun and the gentle breeze hypnotize folks into spending time in the great outdoors. Here are a few things to do to celebrate the season.

1. Bike the Willow City Loop


Photo: Flickr/davehensley

For the ultimate wildflower adventure, bike lovers can tool around the Willow City Loop. Just 12 miles northeast of Fredericksburg, the town of Willow City is the starting line for the 20-mile ride. Riders can roll through the hills on two wheels gazing on wide open bluebonnet fields. Cows lollygag roadside while cotton candy clouds drift by. Riders should be on the lookout for low water crossings and cattle guards while pedaling through the picturesque countryside. Those needing to refuel can stop at Harry’s on the Loop or The Knot in the Loop Saloon for drinks, eats and some local flavor. For those looking to log more miles, start at Marktplatz in Fredericksburg and follow this 55-mile the route.

2. Hike the Backside of Enchanted Rock


Photo: Flicker/joediev

Sure everyone has climbed up Enchanted Rock once or twice, but the giant granite dome boasts a backside, too. Vernal pools (ecological areas of flora and fauna that have adapted to the harsh environment) dot the rock and are home to fairy shrimp. Hikers might stumble across a Texas Horned Lizard sunning itself or numerous varieties of birds. Hikers with flashlights can sneak through the seam of a large fissure and explore the dark area within. Campers can while away the evening bat watching and stargazing. A ring-tailed cat or fox may even stroll through the campground.

3. Kayak in Castell

Photo: Flickr/paddymurphy

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