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10 Nostalgic Texas Candy Shops to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

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Step back to a moment in time when you would walk down to the corner store for that favorite candy bar or chewing gum to make the largest bubble ever. Life’s little pleasures were trading cartoon wrappers from your Bazooka Bubble Gum or swapping Pez Candy with your best friend as the sun set on a simpler time.

Fast forward from those nostalgic days long gone along with the candy stores found in almost every neighborhood, to making it a treat to find longstanding vintage candy shops around Texas that still carry old time favorites such as Chuckles, Pop Rocks, Razzles, Goo Goo Clusters, Astro Pops and Fruit Strip Gum, to name a few oldies but goodies.

Below are 10 candy shops in Texas where you will find not only hard to find favorites but unusual offerings to satisfy your sweet tooth and bring out the kid at heart.

1. Big Top Candy Shop– Austin, Texas



Located in the heart of South Congress District, Big Top Candy is fitting of its name with its circus inspired look and top to bottom array of rows of never ending candy to choose from.

Complete with an old fashioned soda fountain and a menu full of house specialties along with an array of flavors to choose for that ice cream soda, float or shake, you’re sure to satisfy your craving. With over 2000 types of wrapped candy, this is a favorite among locals.

2. Blooms Candy and Soda Pop Shop-Carrollton, Texas



Located in Historic Downtown Carrollton, Blooms Candy and Soda Pop Shop carries a large offering of nostalgic and retro candy. “What began as a flower shop (Blooms on the Square) has morphed into a full-fledged old fashioned candy & soda pop shop,” states its website.

The flowers are gone but you can now find over 800 kinds of candy, 50 kinds of glass bottle root beers and according to its site 200 more hard to find gourmet glass bottle sodas.

3. Atomic Candy-Denton, Texas

Atomic Candy


Located in the historic downtown Denton Square, Atomic Candy is nostalgia kicked up a notch. Over 300 types of bulk candy along with 250 kinds of sodas to pick from. Throw in some novelty gifts and retro toys and you have a one of kind candy shop still thriving with business.

4. Lone Star Candy Bar-Fredericksburg, Texas



Located in the sweet city of Fredericksburg with all its charm is Lone Star Candy Bar. In the mood for some chocolate covered jalapeños or maybe some chocolate dipped bacon this is the place.

There are 40 flavors of fresh homemade fudge, 36 flavors of Jelly Belly’s, 36 flavors of saltwater taffy, and you can even make your own Pixie Stix with a Pucker Powder Dispenser. Hill Country goodies at its finest.

5.Candy Barrel, Fort Worth, Texas



Located in the historic Stock Yard district of Fort Worth, Candy Barrel is just that-you pick your favorite candy from a variety of barrels loaded up with all types of favorites. Most known for their variety of taffy, some old timers you can find here are Sky Bars, Chick-O-Sticks and Squirrel Nut Zippers states

6. La King’s Confectionery-Galveston, Texas



Probably the most famous old fashioned candy and soda shop in Texas is La King’s Confectionery located on the Strand in Galveston, Texas. Like stepping back in time to the roaring 1920’s and all its grandeur. This sweetheart of a shop has seen many generations grow and comeback with their kids to experience the magic of watching the master candy maker create old time specialties like Peanut and Peco Brittle, Divinity, Pecan Pralines, Hand-Dipped Chocolates, Fudge and their famous Salt Water Taffy.

They also have a working 1920 soda fountain creating some of the best floats, shakes and sodas. Make sure to try the chocolate soda as it’s a favorite I recommend to chocolate lovers everywhere.

7. Sweet Tooth Candy and Cafe-Georgetown, Texas

Sweet Tooth


Home to the Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas according to, is where our next sweet tooth craving can be satisfied. Sweet Tooth Candy and Café is a family owned candy store offering over 500 varieties of old and new treats along with over 200 old fashioned soda bottles. There’s even an old fashioned soda fountain to mix up those ice cream sodas.

8. Araya Chocolate Shop-Houston, Texas



Looking for the unusual candies to tantalize that sweet craving, then you won’t be disappointed when you visit Araya’s Chocolate Shops in Houston, Texas. A family owned business since 2010, Araya’s is authentic candy making at its best.

“Indulge your senses with the aroma and intense flavors of our handcrafted chocolates, discovering the essence of the spices, nuts, fruits or liquors within each piece that melts in your mouth and leave a memorable experience,” states its website. Explore the world with just one taste of such favorites as the Chipotle made of Mexican Chipotle flavors, 61% Venezuela ganache, finished with dark chocolate couverture just to skim the unending creations offered.

9.Hey Sugar Candy Store, Roanoke, Texas 

Pix a bay


For a true feel of that neighborhood store you grew up with visit Hey Sugar Candy Store in Roanoke, Texas’ restaurant district. From its nostalgic décor to the aisles of vintage candy ready to transport you back in time, Hey Sugar is one of kind.

Not only can find favorites like Astro Pops, rock candy and Fizzies but they also host theme and movie nights and children’s parties. To add to the ambiance you may even walk in to Willie Wonka and Chocolate Factory playing on the TV screen, mentions

10. Alamo Candy Company, San Antonio, Texas



Talk about candy overload, Alamo Candy Company in San Antonio, Texas is the place to go for a candy connoisseur. You will find a wide assortment of candy from different cultures as well as sweet concoctions they create right in the shop. Find that vintage favorite you grew up with or try a delicious Mexican or Chinese candy. Family owned and operated since 1991.

So what’s your favorite vintage candy you miss? Do you have a unique candy store favorite to share?