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Tens of Thousands of Bees Removed From Texas School

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Up until last week, The Highlands School in Irving, Texas held around 450 K – 12 students and tens of thousands of bees. School employee Janet Thrash told NBC DFW, “It was actually kind of shocking because I didn’t know it (the hive) was that big…I’ve heard they’ve been there about five or six years. They started migrating to some of the offices.”

The Dallas News reports that Richard Siegrist of the American Honey Bee Protection Agency was brought in to relocate the bees where they could flourish without hindering any school activities. Siegrist said he rehoused the bees out in the woods around North Lake College. “We set them on a nice piece of property like this where they have a lot of Texas wildflowers, and now they just do what they do in peace,” he said to the news.

Since bees are vital to keeping our planet healthy, exterminating the insects was never on the table. Now, the bees will be able to continue pollinating flowers and growing their hive.

The bees weren’t causing any chaos at the school as far as the students were concerned. Parent John Howard wrote on The Highlands School Facebook page, “Wow I had no idea,” when he heard the news.