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Sad State of Affairs for Tequila: The Shortage Felt ‘Round the World Hits Home

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With the majority of the state under drought conditions, adding insult to injury is the fact that Texas is facing a drought of another kind – a tequila shortage. So, those of you planning the Perfect Paloma will have to hold your horses.

The Dallas Morning-News recently reported that Texas truly was in the midst of a tequila shortage, although to look at it with a broader lens, the world is, in fact, suffering to source a sufficient amount of tequila. The reason for this “drought” of sorts is that the agave tequilana, the plant which is used to concoct the liquor, is in short supply. A succulent which is native to and cultivated in the Mexican state of Jalisco takes a considerable amount of time to grow. That being said, experts in the industry have warned that a shortage is looming as the plant continues to be harvested to meet the world’s demand.

Further compounding the problem, plant growers are unlikely to catch up to the demand for their product in the foreseeable future. Estimates range between three and five years before production can meet this need, which will ultimately cause prices for tequila to rise. With Texans such as George Strait getting into the tequila scene only recently, and those from the Lone Star State finding great drinks to add this amazing elixir to, bars are going as far as predicting rates such as $60 for a margarita made of the top-shelf tonic. In the meantime, we all may look to other drinks made in the state of Texas to quench our thirst. Whiskey and wine sound really fine!