All-in-One: Terra Wind is Burning Asphalt and Breaking Waves

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Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, CAMI for short, builds luxury RV-yacht combo mega vehicles called the Terra Wind. It burns the asphalt and breaks waves at the driver’s discretion. In business for 15 years, and using years of technical expertise, CAMI builds many different vehicles that can float and drive.

The Specs

View of the lake from inside the Terra WindPhoto:

The Terra Wind can hit 80 miles per hour on the highway and reaches seven knots, or about 8 miles per hour, on the water. This is possible because the technology CAMI has developed keeps the vehicle water tight and afloat. This vehicle’s big personality and abilities make it perfectly suited for Texas’ many different regions. View the wide open plains of the Panhandle in style and comfort. Cruise the sloping hills of the Hill Country. Explore the Piney Woods of East Texas. Head to the mountains of West Texas, turn your lights off, and camp under the stars without dealing with the menacing heat. When you’re ready to hit the beach, head down to South Padre Island without needing to book any hotels.

The Dream

Inside the Terra WindPhoto:

The Terra Wind RV is fully customizable and the interior competes with many luxury yachts. For that lake excursion, you can take it out on the water and cook that delicious meal. Smell the water filled breeze as you sit back and relax to watch the sunset. When done with your boating adventure, take the craft back to land and head to your next destination. Prices aren’t mentioned on their website, but regardless, this all-in-one travel vehicle is sure to take you further than you ever expected!