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New Tesla Motors Showroom to Open Up in San Antonio

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Tesla Motors plans on opening their new showroom next week located at 23011 W Interstate 10 in San Antonio. Teslarati.com posted a photo taken from a drone showing that the roof of the 12,000 square-foot building is lined with an impressive 21 rows of solar panels. But you won’t find a bunch of vehicles surrounding the showroom, ready to be purchased. That’s because Tesla Motors will not be able to sell their vehicles from this location, or any of their Texas locations, for that matter.

According to MySA.com, “Tesla is not allowed by law to sell its vehicles directly in Texas. The automaker has been working since 2013 to get the law changed, but Texas auto dealerships have stiffly resisted legislation that would allow direct sales.” Instead of purchasing vehicles from the new San Antonio location, those interested in the electric cars will be able to test-drive them and learn about their functions. The showroom will also function as a service station for those who already have a Tesla.

The San Antonio site, which is near The Dominion, marks the company’s first location in Alamo City and the eighth in Texas. According to Teslarati, it will also have Supercharger stations.