Tex-Mex Cuisine: How It Evolved & What Makes it so Irresistibly Good!

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“Food Tripping With Molly” uploaded a video to the ZAGAT YouTube channel, featuring editor Molly Moker on a Tex-Mex road trip in Texas. Covering foodie venues in San Antonio in the Texas Hill Country, as well as in El Paso, out in west Texas, the episode covers that fantastic blend of food we all know and love – Tex-Mex!

“What makes Tex-Mex such a beloved American cuisine? Zagat editor Molly Moker travels to San Antonio and El Paso to check out three iconic restaurants — Mi Tierra, Ray’s Drive Inn and Chico’s Tacos — to better understand the food obsession,” reads the video caption. Visiting Mi Tierra (a decades-old restaurant known for its great passion for the food it serves), located in San Antonio’s Historic Market Square, which is quite possibly the birthplace of this very cuisine.

Giving a history of Tex-Mex cuisine, including the first dish of this tasty type of food, those Molly interviews are hands-on chefs who have worked in the kitchens of top names in America. Now they’re working in the Tex-Mex genre in some of Texas’ more popular restaurants. Regionality plays a major role in its variation from Mexican cuisine, as does the addition of yellow cheese. Although the question is posed as to whether Tex-Mex is simply an American abomination of traditional Mexican food, the chefs believe that it is a cuisine all its own, with its own measures of goodness and recipes that have been handed down from generation to generation. The video speaks for itself in terms of how and what has evolved in the world of Tex-Mex food preparation and service. To get a first-hand feel for it, however, we always highly recommend a visit to your local eatery for the real deal!