Texans Attempt to Pronounce Michigan Words and Fail Hilariously

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In the United States, we all generally share the English language. Or do we? Watch these Texans from El Paso try to pronounce Michigan words.

Now, Texans, before we all get upset that not many of them can do it, let us not forget that we have some interesting words ourselves. Boerne and Gruene Hall, I’m looking at you when it comes to pronunciation.

The difference in Michigan, however, is that the Native American tribes that once resided there had a completely different language than the tribes that were scattered across the Southwest.

Michigan’s words provided in this video are more closely related to upstate New York towns and the mid-Atlantic, where names like Susquehanna and Chincoteague are more commonly seen.

This video just proves how different each region of the nation is, especially when it comes to historical and cultural influences. While Texans can’t pronounce most of these words, they give it their best shot and it’s good for a laugh or two.

I’ll bet that Michiganders can’t pronounce half of the towns in Texas though, either, so there’s some consolation in all of this. Now watch the video and see if you could do better than these people.