Are Texans Going to Experience an Avocado Shortage?

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address reports that Texans might be facing an avocado shortage this year much like the circumstances surrounding 2014’s shortage of limes. Whenever the avocado crops from California are receding for the year, Americans often get their creamy green fruit imported from Mexico. This year, Mexican growers are asking for more money, making the fruit two to four times higher in wholesale price than usual.

The difference between imported avocados from this time last year to this year is 32 million pounds less. It’s thought that the issues with Mexican growers will be resolved soon, but there will still be a bit of “lag time” before Texans see their avocado supply return to normal.

Texans aren’t alone, Californians are very worried about the shortage too as they’re equally obsessed with avocados. Time Out Los Angeles lamented, “Ingardia’s produce buyer Cruz Sandavol told the Orange County Register that the shortage is ‘very, very critical right now.’ You know what else is critical? Our blood pressure, because we can’t handle a life with no avocados and we’re not sure our wallets can handle these continued price increases.”

It looks like those north of Mexico’s border will need to appreciate each avocado they devour until the shortage subsides.