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‘East Texans Against K-2’ Fighting New Drug Called ‘Pink’

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The activist group called “East Texans Against K-2” was founded in 2014 with the mission of educating people on the dangers of using the synthetic drug K-2. As they write on their Facebook group, they found it necessary to further their reach to include other potentially deadly synthetic drugs that people are legally buying online. In a recent interview with KLTV, founder Terrie Mogavero explains the risks involved with a newer popular drug called “pink” or “pinky.”

Pink is known to be seven times stronger than morphine. It’s taken by using one’s pinky finger to snort the potent white powder. The drug can even be deadly simply from coming into skin contact with it, and unfortunately, it’s available online. Mogavero hopes to work with Texas representatives to make it illegal to purchase. “I met with Jay [Dean]. And later he drafted the house bill 2671. It’s more accessible, the drugs are stronger, they’re more dangerous. We need to keep these kids safe,” she told the news.

Pink was covered by major news networks in late 2016 for killing thousands in the U.S. either taken alone or mixed with other drugs. NBC News writes that it is “eight times stronger than heroin, and is part of a family of deadly synthetic opioids, all of them more powerful than heroin, that includes ifentanyl, carfentanil and furanyl fentanyl.” Yet isn’t illegal on a federal level yet, so as Mogavero sees it, states must take action.