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3 Texans Killed in Tragic Australian Plane Crash

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Three Texans lost their lives in a small plane crash in Melbourne, Australia shortly after takeoff. WFAA writes that “Victoria’s premier, Daniel Andrews, called the incident the ‘worst civil aviation accident in our state’ in 30 years.”

KVUE reports five people passed away in the crash. Four were citizens of the United States, three of which were from the Central Texas area. The pilot knew that the engine was failing, and attempted to turn the plane back around, but it plummeted into a shopping center near the highway. Dashcams from cars in the area caught the awful sight on film and the black smoke immediately billowing from the crash. People reportedly rushed to the scene with fire extinguishers, but the fuel flames were too hot for concerned citizens to get anywhere near the accident. The impact was so powerful that it was evident there were no survivors.

KVUE said, “Australian media reports family members have named three of the victims as as Greg De Haven, Russell Munsch and Glenn Garland.” They say their wives were with them on the trip but were not on the plane. A spokesperson for the U.S. Embassy said, “We extend our deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who died in today’s tragic crash.”