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Texans Unite to Help Flooded Texas Towns in a Wave of Love & Support

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When Texans are in need of help, other Texans never fail to heed the call. This week, Mitchell Moorhead, the CEO of Texas Media Group, presented a check for $4,000 in flood relief funds to the Kingsland Lions Club. The money will go toward helping Llano County residents whose lives were impacted by intense flooding in October. Texas Media Group also raised $2,500 for Burnet flood relief and $1,500 to help in Sonora.

It all started in early October, when heavy rains began relentlessly beating down upon west Texas, impacting areas such as Junction and Sonora. The storm system then moved east, and Marble Falls, Burnet, and much of Llano County saw such heavy rain over a short period of time that bridges, roads, and homes floated away in the wake of the unprecedented and historic flooding. Governor Greg Abbott declared a state of disaster in 18 Texas counties as a result of the October 2018 flood.

Historic Rainfall Led to Catastrophic Flooding

Texans Unite to Help Flooded Texas Towns in a Wave of Love & Support

Photo: Facebook/CBS Austin

As a northward hook in the jetstream left an upper-level pressure system sitting over the Texas Hill Country, rain fell at historic rates, decimating homes, businesses, and infrastructures in central Texas. According to the National Weather Service in Austin and San Antonio, the flooding of the Llano River at Llano was the result of 8-10 inches of rain in the 48 hours over the river basin, recording its second-highest crest in history. Additionally, Valley Spring in Llano County recorded 13.24 inches in 48 hours. Several flood-related deaths were reported as this system ravaged the Texas Hill Country.

The Aftermath of the Storms

Texans Unite to Help Flooded Texas Towns in a Wave of Love & Support

Photo: Facebook/The Picayune Newspaper

When the rain finally ceased, residents of such communities as Kingsland, Marble Falls, Burnet, and Sonora returned to their homes to assess the devastation. Countless stories of high water rescues, homes suffering from water damage, and even homes completely gone in the wake of the flooding reached people all over Texas and beyond. Many jumped into action, organizing supply drives and caravans to travel to the disaster-stricken communities to begin the hard work of recovery and clean up.

Texas Media Group Answered the Call to Help

Texans Unite to Help Flooded Texas Towns in a Wave of Love & Support

Photo: John Hallowell

As the events of the flooding unfolded, Mitchell Moorhead, CEO of Texas Media Group, knew that there was something that could be done, as the very places that people love to visit most in the Texas Hill Country struggled to access even basic needs.  Texas Media Group quickly set up a GoFundMe page and designed a special “Hill Country Strong” t-shirt, with sales of the shirt going directly to flood victims. In less than a month, they raised $8,000 in funds for Hill Country flood relief.  On November 12, Moorhead was proud to present a check for $4,000 to the Kingsland Lions Club, who will disperse the funds to those needing assistance in Llano County.

To learn more about the flood relief efforts of Texas Media Group, visit their GoFundMe page. To purchase a “Hill Country Strong” t-shirt, visit the Authentic Texan.