Texarkana Firefighters Save Unconscious Dog From Fire

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Last week, firefighters arrived at house fire on the 2900 block of Magnolia Street in Texarkana to find a fire engulfing the brick home. Texarkana Today reports that although it was fortunate that no people were inside of the building, the family’s pets were trapped inside, and one dog was overcome by the smoke and found unconscious.

Firefighters worked quickly to locate all of the scared pets, then they tended to the poor brown and white pup. They used CPR methods and put an oxygen mask on the dog.

The Texarkana, Texas Firefighters Association Local 367 wrote on their Facebook page about the incident. They were happy to report that after administering aid, “the little dog was soon up and running around.” They added, “This mask was donated to the Fire Department by the Texarkana Humane Society. We are very grateful for their donation and the pet owner is especially.”

It’s an aspect of a firefighter’s job that not everyone considers – the equipment and techniques used to treat humans don’t exactly translate to use on pets. Firefighters have to be ready for every possibility, and fortunately, these Texarkana firefighters were well prepared.