Texas has Close to 200 Man-Made Lakes: Top 3 Picks for Summer Fun

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Covering the top three lakes in Texas (p.s. there is only one truly large natural lake in all of Texas, and it mostly sits in Louisiana…) which, of course, were man-made, the Texas Country Reporter YouTube channel features the viewers’ choice for water fun in central Texas.

Its 2013 video for “Texas Best – Lake” features two such creations in the Texas Hill Country and one that sits west of Dallas/Fort Worth. Thanks to modern engineering, our state is now home to close to 200 of these fine watering holes over time – a feat that allows many a Texan to boat, fish, swim, and even waterski close to home… something that was practically unheard of only a few decades ago.

Based on an online poll hosted by Texas Country Reporter, the top three lakes that Texans love are unique in their own right. They’re some of the largest and clearest bodies of water to which we flock in the summer months. One of the featured lakes actually got its start as a flood-control project and soon became a recreation hot spot that Texans plan their annual vacations around! There’s even a great central Texas locale for scuba diving and that infamous sport of cliff diving! Check out the video above and see which is which, and where you might be planning to book your next warm-weather holiday right here in Texas.