Texas Accent Ranks at the Top as the Sexiest in America

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A survey by Big Seven Travel has revealed something we already knew here in Texas, but maybe the rest of the country needed to see it in print. As far as accents go, the Texan accent ranks at the top as the sexiest one in the U.S.! If you’re sitting there wondering why, just pick up the phone and dial a Texas number! If you’re from out-of-state, the chances are good that if you’ve spoken to someone in Texas, afterward you probably had the thought cross your mind that their accent was absolutely dreamy. If so, then your vote counts!

The Big Seven Travel survey polled 1.5 million social media users in order to determine which American accents were found to be the most attractive. Following Texas, the states and city dialects ranked included those who hail from Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and St. Louis. The top ten list is provided below:

1. Texan
2. Bostonian
3. New York
4. Mainer
5. Chicago
6. Mississippi
7. Hawaiian
8. Philadelphia
9. St. Louis
10. Californian

Texas Accent Ranks at the Top as the Sexiest in America

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Now that you’re aware of the true power of your eloquence, perhaps you’ll use it for good! There’s no telling what speaking in a true Texas accent could do for you—land you that great job you’ve been looking for, spark a new friendship with someone who wishes they lived here, or capture the heart of someone special for a lifetime of happiness! For those wondering what ranked the lowest on the list, apparently being a Long Islander doesn’t exactly mean you’ll have the gift of gab to attract your soul mate. We’re quite happy with our lexicon. We’re a rare breed indeed, and now there’s proof we have the expressiveness to back it up. So next time you want to drive that special someone wild, just talk Texan to them! How could anyone ever resist?