Texas A&M’s Mascot is One Hard Working Pooch

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Miss Rev, or Reveille IX, has an important job on Texas A&M campus. She’s a classy pooch who serves her Aggie community by escorting the football team onto the field, representing the 12th man and, most importantly, symbolically reminding everyone of the college’s rich history and traditions.

Of course, one little dog can’t manage the big campus all on her own, so now Miss Rev has Gavin Suel, a sophomore cadet acting as her handler. Click2Houston wrote talked to Suel about the fun honor. The news stated, “She even attends Suel’s classes, where, legend has it, Miss Rev’s bark means she’s tired of the lecture and the professor must end class immediately. Since she is officially the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets, she gets what she wants, even Suel’s bed.” Suel says he’s mostly been sleeping on the floor!

According to her official website, Miss Rev was once named Twix when she was born in 2013 in Ohio. Once she was donated to the university by Overland Collies, she became the new “First Lady of Aggieland.” She can be scheduled for appearances throughout the county, and of course, she has her own Twitter account.