Texas Goes Technicolor With Mind-blowing Bluebonnet Season

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When it’s springtime in Texas, you can bet that lots of pretty, colorful wildflowers will fill the hills and valleys. And bluebonnets, being the beautiful state flower, can be found in every corner of Texas, with blooms lasting approximately six weeks. Peak season varies, depending on which part of the state you roam, but for the most part, they are prominent from March through mid-April, and this season’s bloom is absolutely amazing.

Texas Goes Technicolor With Mind-blowing Bluebonnet Season

Photo: Facebook/Jason Weingart

As an example, in the Big Bend region of Southwest Texas, the lupinus havardii is the species of bluebonnet that grows there. Also known as the Chisos bluebonnet, it has a smaller flower and blooms earlier than other species. According to those in the field (no pun intended), the region’s 2019 season was its largest bloom in decades. Unfortunately, it’s now past its peak period for viewing, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

80 miles of bluebonnet trail circling the city of Brenham, between Austin and Houston, has peak blooms that generally run between mid-March and mid-April. The loop visits Brazos River sites as well as having viewings in historic Chappell Hill. Although you can stay on the paved highways, seeing beautiful sprays of blue flowers everywhere, the rural roads of the area also abound with them and may be safer to stop along for photos amid the blooms. has established a Wildflower Watch page, on which you can find updates throughout the flowering season for peak places and times to see bluebonnets.

Texas Goes Technicolor With Mind-blowing Bluebonnet Season
Photo: Facebook/Kristi Rothbauer‎

There are also places outside of the Hill Country where you can see a huge number of beautiful bluebonnets as well. Designated the official bluebonnet city of Texas in 1997, as well as being home to the “Official Bluebonnet Trail of Texas,” Ennis is one such place. This charming Texas town is located 35 miles south of Dallas. Each year, the peak season for viewing of this overwhelmingly gorgeous display of flowers runs through the month of April, roughly. Showcasing more than 40 miles of vivid beauty, the bluebonnet trail is entirely mapped out for visitors to enjoy, and literally, thousands of them drive out to experience the display!

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