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A Texas Baby Boom Took Place With 48 Babies Being Delivered in 41 Hours

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A baby boom hit Texas this month, starting on June 26. Staff members of the Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center delivered dozens of new babies, working around the clock. Local media reports indicate that in a 41-hour period, 48 babies were delivered.

“There’s always talk about full moon. We definitely had a big full moon this week,” Dr. Jamie Erwin told KTVT. “Maybe there is something to that as well, maybe not. But it’s always a busy time of the year.”  The hospital staff members were prepared for this average of more than one baby per hour, thankfully. Nursing director Michelle Stemley said that though people kept asking about staffing, the hospital was well-equipped. Additional staff members were called in, and not only that but pizza was ordered.

“Isaiah” was identified as the most popular name for this group of four dozen babies. One of the Isaiahs’ mothers noted that she had no idea there was a baby boom happening at the hospital because the staff remained so calm. Texas State records reveal that the majority of babies are born in July, August, and September. For whatever reasons, the month of February has been recognized as generally being the month in which the least number of Texas babies are born. It could have something to do with seasonal timing. Cooler temperatures could mean more cuddling for warmth…which could explain a boom of sorts nine months later. Just a thought.