Texas Baby Born Twice in Impressive Medical Procedure

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Margaret Boemer had already gone through the heartbreak of losing her baby’s twin during the second trimester, but another complication was on its way. The BBC explains that her surviving baby, now named Lynlee Hope, had developed a tumor on her spine while in the womb called a sacrococcygeal teratoma. The mass pulls blood away from the baby, and according to CBS DFW, the tumor was larger than the fetus and could have caused heart failure.

Doctors told Boemer that she could terminate the pregnancy or undergo a surgery that would pull the baby out through an incision, allow doctors to remove most of the tumor, and then put the baby back in at 23 weeks into the pregnancy. Boemer chose to undergo the risky surgery.

Finally, Lynlee Hope was properly born from a C-section surgery at 36 weeks, and there was still part of the tumor to be removed. She survived, along with her mother who faced major hardships as well. She explained to CBS, “During the surgery, I could have had blood clots. I could have bled out, and my uterus could have ruptured.” Boemer had reconstructive surgery after Lynlee Hope was born to restore her lower body and back.