What Makes Up the Texas Beef Industry: 44 Farms Welcomes You to Find Out

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With a focus on the state’s beef production, ZAGAT’s editor, Molly Moker, has made it a point to tour parts of Texas, learning more about the Lone Star State and the various components that make up its food industry.

Sharing a video to their YouTube channel, Moker makes tour stops in Cameron, Texas, in order to get the farmer’s point of view on the beef industry. With over 12 million cattle grazing in Texas, you could say we know a thing or two about farm-to-table food and beef that’s done in all manner of preparation. Meeting with some of the area ranchers and farmers, ZAGAT shares the details of Moker’s tour, from riding a horse named Cortez to learning what physically and mentally goes into raising cattle in the beef industry.

44 Farms in Cameron, Texas, gave Moker the lay of the land, stating that “…history hasn’t changed a whole lot when it comes down to the cowboy life.” And, not only that, but they love the work they do in ranching and raising cattle. It’s their dream and passion. When that’s the case, you just can’t go wrong. Introducing Moker to the young calves, the ranch staff and management taught her about wrangling, tagging, and the care that goes into raising a healthy herd. She also learned about the bull that ensures there’s a herd to be managed! Welcoming people to come and learn what exactly goes into the industry at 44 Farms, the team explained they have an “open gate policy,” and many are welcomed to visit and learn just as Moker did.