Texas Best You’ve Been Missing: Singer-Songwriter Mike Ethan Messick

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When was the last time you heard a new-to-you, Texas singer-songwriter and wondered how you came so far without knowing their music? Give Mike Ethan Messick a try. Originally from Baytown, now residing in New Braunfels, he has written songs made famous by others and knows a thing or two about the Texas music scene. Even the most casual of listeners can hear the similarities to honky tonk classics. His songs often evoke the likes of legendary musicians like Johnny Cash and George Jones. Equipped with true passion, he also works full-time and maintains a busy home life with the support of his wife and kids.

Texas Best You've Been Missing: Singer-Songwriter Mike Ethan Messick

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Influenced by his late father, who collected records and sang around the house, the concept of individual style became recognizable to Messick by way of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Classic and new hits of the time struck a proverbial cord; Messick began writing his own songs and preforming. A true sense of precedent, as well as the present and future of the industry motivates him, fostering pride and accomplishment. His sound is smooth Americana with a Texas calm, easily the backdrop to a quiet night with a beer or to get riled up reminiscing and dancing with friends.

It’s worth your time to come to Messick’s shows. Depending on the time of year, he plays roughly three to five gigs a month. Some shows are solo endeavors, while others include a full band. He’s also a fan of playing with other artists on a singular stage: swapping songs, tuning into the crowd, and getting insight into other Texas musicians’ journeys.

Texas Best You've Been Missing: Singer-Songwriter Mike Ethan Messick

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A quick search for local live music in Texas will tell you the market has a lot of competition. It takes real work and luck for talent to be heard nowadays. Getting a crowd, selling records, booking venues, and developing a fan base are all part of the scene. Messick works carefully to ensure his music grabs audiences in the right way. In his own words, he’s “building a really, really gradual snowball.” Catch Messick regularly at Riley’s Tavern in Hunter, between New Braunfels and San Marcos, where he plays once a month or so. Also keep an ear out for his presence at Gruene Hall, John T. Floore’s Country Store, Cheatham Street Warehouse, and Kent Black’s BBQ.

Do your part to support Texas singers and songwriters locally. Take the advice of someone in the industry: go to shows, tip the bartenders, patronize the businesses who host and reach out to let them know how much you like what you heard on stage.  Social media has such an impact, harness its power!